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by Rose L. / Vienna, VA

Was in Palo Alto visiting friends and ended up having to seek out a dentist due to a dental emergency. My friend recommended Dr. Ho, and all I can say is, I wish we had a dentist like her back home in Virginia!

Dr. Ho was extremely skilled in her craft, after examining the tooth and reviewing the X-rays, she gave a clear explanation on what was causing the pain, offered several treatment options and recommended the best course of action. She involved the patient, me, in the decision making process and addressed my concerns and questions. We decided that the tooth had to be extracted, which was the right call, turned out there was infection underneath! The extraction process was smooth and painless, Dr Ho had such a gentle touch, and it’s been a few days and I still have no pain!

I’m also impressed with all the state of the arts facilities at this dental office, such as digital x- rays, and TV screen on the ceiling for watching movies while Dr. Ho was performing the work, the procedure was over before the movie finished! The staff was warm and courteous, the entire visit was so pleasant from start to finish.

Palo Alto is lucky to have a dentist like Dr. Ho, if only all dentists could be like her! Go see her, switch to her, it will be the best dental decision you ever made.

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by Linda X / San Francisco

I used go to see the dentist nearby for a regular cleaning. It was just in and out fast cleaning. I rarely had much tooth problem but just soreness of my gum sometimes. My previous dentist couldn’t have a solution for me but told me to replace all my silver fillings.

I was referred to see Dr. Ho by my friend for consultation and cleaning since last year. I then feel so much different in my teeth cleaning. Dr. Ho is very thorough and gentle. She checks and cleans my teeth in details. I never felt my teeth being cleaned so well. For the past year, I feel a lot better with my gum after cleaning with Dr Ho. It’s worthy traveling to see a good dentist.

There is No unnecessary treatment recommended to me.

This dental office is very professional and friendly. Highly recommend this office….

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by Joan L. / Palo Alto

I am so grateful to Dr Ho and her team for helping my dental problems.

I have lost several of my teeth over last few years. My friend recommended Dr Ho to me. The office was very helpful and friendly when i made my appoitment. Dr Ho and her team are compassionate and caring. At my first visit, Dr. Ho carefully examed my problem and thouroly explained all information to me. She made sure that I understood what I really need and helped me to plan out my treatment in phases. She doesn’t recommend those unnecessary treatments as I were told by my previous dentist.

I was very nervous before my implant surgery. Amazingly I felt no pain at all when she was doing the implant surgery for me. I had no complication or any discomcort after the procedure. Dr Ho is so meticulous gentle with the treatment and makes the surgery so easy for me. A couple days after surgery, Dr Ho also followed up with her personal phone call with me to see how I was doing.

I want to thank Dr Ho and her team to get my smile back.

This is a dental team who really takes good care of patients. I now recommend Dr Ho to everyone who needs a good dentist.

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by Gill F. / Palo Alto, CA

I have a great experience with Dr Ho’s dental service.

This office is equipped with cutting edge technology. I don’t have to worry when taking the x-rays. Their hi-tech machine makes it so easy for me without sticking a big film into my mouth. Dr Ho and her assistance are very gentle and patient helping me through out the entire teatment procedures. I was very afraid of any dental procedures with my previous dentist. With Dr Ho, I didn’t feel pain when she was working on my teeth. Dr Ho and her assistance also made sure that I was easy and calm during treatment.

I like this office because everyone here really pays attention and patience when they are helping us. Dr Ho always returns my phone call shortly when I have questions.

Recommend Dr Ho to those who are looking for a gentle and caring dentist !

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by B L. / Palo Alto, CA

Nice office. Very high tech equipments.6 months ago, I injured my tongue and developed a red swelling mass. I went to see my physician and he referred me to an ENT doctor. The doctor told me that I had to remove the mass with surgery under general anesthesia in the hospital. I was terrified.

Than, a friend of mine referred me to see Dr. Ho. She told me that she can simply remove the mass in office with laser under just local anesthesia. So, I did the surgery with Dr. Ho. It was painless and only took about 10 min.

Now, it has been 3 months and my tongue is totally normal. I am very pleased with her service.

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by momo c. / Los Angeles, CA

I had a dental emergency while visiting the South Bay for the week. My friend who is a pediatrician (and meticulous about her own personal healthcare) recommended Dr. Ho. The staff was super helpful and managed to squeezed me into Dr. Ho lunch schedule — I was beyond impressed with my dental care!

The office is modern and equipped with the most high tech xray machine I’ve ever seen. Dr. Ho reviewed my xrays with me in detail and patiently explained her diagnosis. Once she went over the course of treatment, I selected the movie I wanted to watch, put on the head phones, and she proceeded to work. It was simple, painless and I was done before I knew it.

I was really impressed with Dr. Ho’s thoroughness and warm bedside manner. I can tell she truly cares about the patient’s dental health and only wish I had someone like her as my dentist in Los Angeles. She is fantastic!